Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of Preschool

My baby started preschool - yeah, it's just preschool but she's growing up so fast... Reagan had an awesome first day - no separation anxiety at all - on her part. Mom had a little bit of a tough time but we made it through.

Getting ready to leave...and so sick of pictures already.

Ruby and Reagan

Hanging up their backpacks...

Killing me with cuteness...

Nolan wondering what I am doing..


Aiden and Cathy

Jackson - snack time or nap time?

Dancing it up!

Meghan and Mac


The Hansen's said...

cute cute! It really is crazy that they are all in preschool! Its cool that they all get to go together!! Glad Reagan made it through, hope mommy can cope:)

The Beckers said...

Great pics! It is so fun that the kids can experience this big day all together. Many more memories to come!

Jason, Meghan, Mac, Jayce and Macy VandenHout said...

Loved Reagan's outfit. I am so glad the kids had a great first day.

David and Stephanie said...

That hat is too much! Sammy better learn the art of borrowing her friends clothes, hee, hee! You got some good pictures. It looks like the gang was all there. That is so special and probably makes the kids happy to see all their friends.

Unknown said...

why no more posts on this blog????

I wonder what it is like to break someone's heart????